Michael Czysz will not rest in peace

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Green,Motorcycle,Electric,RacingLast Saturday, Michael Czysz passed away. A man impossible to sum up with mere words, he was about action, about challenging, about winning.Continue reading Michael Czysz will not rest in pe…

Recharge Wrap-up: H2 station in London, GM sustainability report

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Government/Legal,Green,GM,Misc. Automakers,Alternative Fuels,Green Automakers,Transportation Alternatives,Electric,HydrogenLondon gets a public hydrogen fueling station. GM published its annual sustainability report. Canad…

Hyperloop One shows off its high-speed propulsion system

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Green,Green Culture,Transportation Alternatives,Emerging Technologies,FutureThe first public test of Hyperloop One’s upcoming pod-based transportation system took place in Nevada today.Continue reading Hyperloop One shows …

LAPD not impressed by ludicrous Tesla Model S police cruisers

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Government/Legal,Green,Tesla,ElectricThe LAPD has been studying using Tesla Model S EVs for almost a year now, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be ordering any in the near future.Continue reading LAPD not impressed by ludicr…

Nissan may take control of struggling Mitsubishi Motors

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Green,Mitsubishi,NissanNissan would take a controlling stake in the automaker.Continue reading Nissan may take control of struggling Mitsubishi Motors
Nissan may take control of struggling Mitsubishi Motors originall…

Mitsubishi admits it lied about MPG ratings for all vehicles in Japan

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Government/Legal,Green,Mitsubishi,Fuel Efficiency,JapanMitsubishi says its shady fuel-economy test practices may have been used on all vehicles it sells and has sold in Japan.Continue reading Mitsubishi admits it lied abou…