Michael Czysz will not rest in peace

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Green,Motorcycle,Electric,RacingLast Saturday, Michael Czysz passed away. A man impossible to sum up with mere words, he was about action, about challenging, about winning.Continue reading Michael Czysz will not rest in pe…

Recharge Wrap-up: H2 station in London, GM sustainability report

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Government/Legal,Green,GM,Misc. Automakers,Alternative Fuels,Green Automakers,Transportation Alternatives,Electric,HydrogenLondon gets a public hydrogen fueling station. GM published its annual sustainability report. Canad…

LAPD not impressed by ludicrous Tesla Model S police cruisers

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Government/Legal,Green,Tesla,ElectricThe LAPD has been studying using Tesla Model S EVs for almost a year now, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be ordering any in the near future.Continue reading LAPD not impressed by ludicr…